Barry’s Story

I’m a 58 year old resident of Allegheny County.   My employer’s insurance is Blue Cross/Blue Shield-Anthem, from Georgia. In June 2013, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer that had spread to my bones.  I went to UPMC Hillman for my treatments.  I have done over 30 rounds of Chemotherapy, radiation, and am on medication.  I am on a regular 12-week blood monitoring schedule with bone/CT scans every 4-6 months.  UPMC Hillman has done an amazing job in keeping my cancer under control.  After almost 6 years, I am now being told that I can no longer go to UPMC Hillman and see the wonderful oncologists and radiologists that saved my life.

I will be shut out of UPMC for my Cancer care on July 1st. It’s sad that my Blue Cross/Blue Shield employer insurance is good for me all over the country, except for Allegheny County.  Unless a change is made by June 30th, I am forced to uproot and change my hospital, oncologist, radiologist and the wonderful staff that have taken care of me for almost 6 years.  This is stress that no cancer patient should have to endure.