Dr. Katherine’s Story

I grew up in the Pittsburgh area, but moved away for 15 + years.  I moved back to Pittsburgh in 2010 and my employer had Highmark Insurance.  Back in 2010, Highmark subscribers were allowed to use UPMC physicians, which I did.  Now I’m being told that after 9 years that I will have to pay out-of-pocket if I continue to see my PCP.  I am a woman in her 40’s who sustained a traumatic brain injury as a passenger in a one-car accident at the age of 16. As a result of the accident, I am now disabled. My PCP has my best interest at heart and knows my patient history. It is ludicrous that I’m being told that my health coverage will no longer pay for my care and that I need to find a new PCP or else. It is a travesty that UPMC will no longer accept my Highmark Insurance. I feel that this is a great injustice that because of corporate greed my choice in healthcare is being infringed upon.