Nancy’s Story

Four years ago in April, my husband was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. He had several silent heart attacks that he was not even aware of until his legs started ballooning up and having severe cramps in them. When I finally got him to the emergency room at UPMC St. Margaret they diagnosed him. He was too critically ill to even walk back out to the parking lot. They transported him to UPMC Shadyside where he was scheduled for immediate surgery. His heart surgeon informed me that his heart was so enlarged it was the size of a cow’s heart and he might not make it through. Well, my husband’s life was put into the hands of that team of doctors at UPMC Shadyside. I prayed to God that he would make it. My husband pulled through with a triple heart bypass, a repaired valve and a defibrillator all due to that team of doctors. He was in UPMC Shadyside hospital for 21 days in the ICU. The whole staff treated us with respect and dignity. I can’t say enough about them. I’m just letting you know that without that team of doctors my husband wouldn’t be here for me, our daughter and his grandchildren. Due to the fact the continuity of care is going to run out come June 2019, my husband will no longer be able to be seen by these doctors that have taken care of him for the past almost 4 years. Due to the fact that I work for a school district and the consortium onIy gives us the choice of having Highmark as our insurance carrier, we cannot switch to UPMC healthcare. I cry each time I think of this. The last time we visited his doctors back in August of 2018 (we go every 6 months for his checkup) we were told we would have to find new doctors because of the issues between Highmark and UPMC. I actually broke down and sobbed right in the office in front of the doctor. This is so UNFAIR!