Suzanne’s Story

I have been living with Metastatic Breast Cancer for several years.  Each time it rears its ugly head, my doctor finds another drug to keep things under control.  He was involved with the original clinical trials for my cancer type and medication.  He continues to do research about my specific cancer.  When I go to UPMC for chemo, I take a couple of hours off work.  The AGH doctor I spoke with told me the chemo hours are such that I would have to take half a day each time.  Half a day every three weeks equates to almost nine days of leave from my job.  I already take two days a year for scans plus when I get sick from the chemo and whatever else the cancer wants to do to me.  I looked at the requirements for going out of network and found it would cost me over $142,000 a year to continue my care with the doctor I have had for almost eight years.  An oncologist is the one person you literally trust with your life.  It is unfair to expect us to change doctors just because the men in high office disagree.