Partial Lead Line Replacement Data

Scientific studies have documented that partial line replacements, which can leave in place lead lines running from the curb stop into the home, can actually increase lead contamination in water by disturbing lead in the remaining portion of the line. In the words of Dr. Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech, the nation’s preeminent expert on lead contamination of water, “Frankly, doing nothing is preferable to doing a half-pipe replacement.”

In at least some cases, PWSA homes which received these partial line replacements did not receive advance notice, health warnings, and follow-up testing required by the EPA.

If your service line has been partially replaced and you do not know what material the remaining portion is composed of, contact PWSA to check their records, or demand a curb box inspection.

If the remaining portion of your service line is lead, use bottled water or a filter that is NSF-approved to remove lead, and demand follow-up testing by PWSA. Also, contact the City to demand a comprehensive solution that will replace ALL lead lines.


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