Pennsylvania American Water has applied to conduct full line replacement

View service map to see which neighborhoods are serviced by PA American Water

Pennsylvania American Water has applied to the Public Utility Commission for permission to conduct full lead line replacements for its customers, including those in the City of Pittsburgh [see article].  Notably, the application includes a cost estimate of $3,500 per full lead line replacement, which, for the 18,000 lead lines in the system, will be funded by an 11 cent per month surcharge on water bills. These costs are far below the unsubstantiated, inflated estimates by the City, and are in line with efficiencies achieved by cities around the Country which have taken action to replace all lead lines.   This decision by Pa. American Water divides City residents into two categories: those served by Pa. American will have their lead lines replaced; meanwhile, those in the PWSA service area, who are at greatest risk, remain stuck with dangerous lead lines – despite the PWSA having had a documented issue with lead for over 3 years.  This arbitrary distinction cannot divide our City on a matter as consequential as lead in our drinking water.